Andrew Sullivan: Kristol Comes Through

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Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish has worth-reading post called "KRISTOL COMES THROUGH." He wrote:

"Well, they said they'd voice their real criticisms once the election was over. And Bill Kristol comes through today with a stinging piece in the Washington Post on Rumsfeld. It reads at times like the arguments on this blog. The most effective argument is about Rumsfeld's absolute refusal to take responsibility for any of his own errors, and his instinct, when in trouble, to blame others. This is not straight-talking; it's buck-passing. And, of course, Kristol's points about insufficient manpower for the post-invasion period remains blindingly obvious - except, of course, to the people running this war. Check out this simple statistic from one of the official reports on Abu Ghraib: at one point, General Sanchez had only 495 of the 1400 staffers he needed. There were 92 military police guards for 7,000 prisoners in Abu Ghraib. The responsibility for the consequences of that under-manning lies with Rumsfeld and the president. It's a responsibility they still both refuse to take. And by reappointing Rumsfeld and anointing Bremer and Tenet, Bush has just told his critics to pull a Cheney.
Mr. Sullivan thinks "the stakes in Iraq are too great for this kind of petty intransigence. But that's the president we have," he added.

The ideological vetting that is likely to occur during President Bush's final four years in office should get interesting. Secretary of State Colin Powell was the first casualty. Based on Mr. Sullivan's observation, it looks as if Rumsfeld is next.

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