Tennessee Paper 'Working To Pass Pro-Life Amendment'

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The Chattanoogan.Com, in a December 7, 2004, editorial, said "With the election of so many pro-life leaders, including a pro-life President and a pro-life majority in the Tennessee State Senate, it is apparent that hearts are beginning to change." The paper added:

Seven of ten state senate candidates endorsed by Tennessee Right to Life Political Action Committee won their races. In the state House, pro-life forces won more than 75% of endorsed races including those of both pro-life Democrats and pro-life Republicans. We're very excited about these victories and want to thank you for your part in making that happen.

The Chattanoogan also said, "We have exciting new possibilities to transform our state and nation in the months and years ahead. We will continue to work for the passage of a pro-life amendment to the Tennessee Constitution, which would protect the pre-born and women of our state." Here is the entire editorial.

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