Bush Previews Creation Of Military Commissions To Try Muslim Fighters

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On September 6, 2006, with U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice,  Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte, CIA Director Michael V. Hayden, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and others surrounding him in the East Room of the White House, President George W. Bush (below) ramped up efforts to justify his Iraq war goals and stave of what appears to be an impending Republican disaster in the November 7, 2006 congressional elections.President George W. Bush emphasizes a point Wednesday Sept. 6, 2006 in the East Room of the White House, as he discusses the administration's draft legislation to create a strong and effective military commission to try suspected terrorists. The bill being sent to Congress, said President Bush, "reflects the reality that we are a nation at war, and that it is essential for us to use all reliable evidence to bring these people to justice." White House photo by Kimberlee Hewitt

The White House billed the event a discussion of the "Creation of Military Commissions to Try Suspected Terrorists.

Once again, Mr. Bush is using the imagery of the horrific September 11, 2006 attack on the U.S. by Al Qaeda as political theater. The first time was during the 2004 presidential campaign between Mr. Bush and Senator John Kerry, the junior senator from Massachusetts. Only now, as Mr. Bush  tries to ensure Republican control of both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, many are saying they don't see a connection between the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the so-called war on terror. Mr. Bush is trying to convince citizens there is one.  

According to the September 1, 2006 edition of The Christian Science Monitor, "Polls show opposition to Iraq war at all-time high."

And according to Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, "Subtly, Some GOP Candidates Are Changing Their War Message

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