The Fallout From Killing Nawab Akbar Bugti Expected To Worsen

| No Comments correspondent Mujahid Ali, writing from Karachi, Pakistan, in a September 4, 2006 dispatch, says "Pakistani authorities expect more attacks in Balochistan and Sindh by Baloch nationalists spurred by the [August 26, 2006] killing of tribal chief Nawab Akbar Bugti" by Pakistan's military.

Mr. Ali, whose report is based on statements issued by Pakistani officials on September 3, 2006, reported that, "Angry mobs have already set ablaze a number of government buildings in towns and cities in Balochistan in a spate of violence following the killing of Bugti on August 26. But officials say that the worst is still to come."

To learn why they think so, please see "More attacks by Balochistan militants feared.

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