Will Venezuela Or Guatemala Get Security Council Seat? Who Knows?

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Spain's eitb24, which bills itself as the "Basque News and Information Channel," reported October 16, 2006, that, "Venezuelan diplomats blamed heavy-handed U.S. lobbying after their country failed to muster enough votes to win a UN Security Council seat in four rounds of voting on Monday," October 16, 2006."

The news outlet said, "Guatemala topped Venezuela in the first four rounds of voting Monday [October 16, 2006] for a UN Security Council seat, but it failed to get the necessary two-thirds majority to win a two-year term on the powerful United Nations body." See "Tiny Guatemala leads Venezuela in UN Council vote.

"That result opened the door for others to join the race, in what could be a blow to both countries' chances for a seat," eitb24 said.

Surely Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who frequently defies the U.S. and is leading a movement to lessen U.S. influence in Latin American, didn't think the U.S. would let him easily obtain a seat on the Security Council. One can imagine the threats and promises of aid received by some of those voting against Venezuela. 

To read why the Venezuelans are complaining, see "Guatemala tops Venezuela, Chavez's diplomats blame US lobbying."

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