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August 31, 2008

Will Palin Endorse Ted Stevens?

"It’s clear who Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be supporting when it comes to the presidential race, after all she is on the ticket. The bigger question is who will she vote for in the Senate race in her home state," writes ABC News' John Berman and Ursula Fahy in an August 31, 2008, post at Political Radar. Steven is currently under indictment "on seven counts of filing false financial disclosures."

According to Politico, Stevens endorsed Republican Presidential contender John McCain's pick of Palin as his running mate. See "Indicted Sen. Ted Stevens endorses Palin pick by McCain."

Berman and Fahy note that, "Embattled Republican Sen. Ted Stevens faces a tight race against popular Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich. And as of now, McCain campaign aides will not guarantee that she will endorse the senior Senator. Of course, perhaps more telling is that they won’t promise she won’t endorse him either.though the antithesis of reform, is an icon in Alaska politics."

If you want to read more, see "Indicted Hometown Senator Poses Problem for Sarah Palin."

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Some Domestic and Foreign Opinion on Sarah Palin

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George W. Bush's 'Final Days'

New York Times magazine contributing writer Peter Baker takes a look at U.S. President George W. Bush's final days as leader of the most powerful nation on earth in the August 31, 2007, edition of The New York Times magaize. If you are interested in reading it, see "The Final Days." May require an account.

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Kilpatrick Agrees to Resign in Exchange for No Jail Times

David Josar and Jennifer Mrozowski of The Detroit News reported August 31, 2008, that, Detroit " Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is offering to plead guilty to one or two felonies, leave office, pay a fine and restitution and perform community service -- so long as he doesn't go to jail, a source close to his legal team said Sunday [August 31, 2008]. See "Detroit mayor offers to quit, pay fine, but jail time snags plea deal."

According to The News, Kilpatrick's lawyers are"Frustrated by what they consider stubbornness by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy in ongoing plea talks." They "have offered to bring in facilitators -- perhaps a judge or well-respected legal figure -- to review the offer, the source said," The News reported.

Like many powerful men before him and men to come after him, Kilpatrick's succumbed to "P" power, which clouded his judgment.  He lied to conceal an affair with his chief of staff, which led to an indictment for perjury, among other things. 

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Did Obama Outwit the Pundits During Democratic Convention?

Recommended: New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Frank Rich's August 31, 2008, column headlined "Obama Outwits the imageBloviators." This is the money quote for me:

No major Obama speech — each breathlessly hyped in advance as do-or-die and as the “the most important of his career” — has been a disaster; most have been triples or home runs, if not grand slams. What is most  surprising is how astonished the press still is at each Groundhog Day’s replay of the identical outcome. Indeed, the disconnect between the reality of this campaign and how it is perceived and presented by the mainstream media is now a major part of the year’s story. The press dysfunction is itself a window into the unstable dynamics of Election 2008.

Rich said, "At the Democratic convention, as during primary season, almost every oversold plotline was wrong. Those Hillary dead-enders — played on TV by a fringe posse of women roaming Denver in search of camera time — would re-enact Chicago 1968. With Hillary’s tacit approval, the roll call would devolve into a classic Democratic civil war. Sulky Bill would wreak havoc once center stage."

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Will Gustav Save RNC From Bush, Cheney Speeches

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza asserts in an August 31, 2008, post at The Fix: "The news that neither President George W. Bush nor Vice President Dick Cheney will speak on the opening night of the Republican National Convention will be greeted -- privately, of course -- with a huge sigh of relief by most party strategists." See "The Bush-Cheney Conundrum."

Damn! Are things that bad among the Republicans? Did Bush and Cheney screw up that badly that their own party view them as toxic waste?

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John McCain's 'Hail Mary Pass'

Arriana Huffington at The Huffington Post contends in a August 31, 2008, news roundup that, U.S. Republican Presidential nominee John McCain's decision to pick Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate "was clearly a Hail Mary pass. But the McCain campaign is tapping into an archetype that resonates deep in the human psyche," she writes. That of the unknown innocent plucked from obscurity and magnificently rising to the challenge." See "Arianna Huffington: Sunday Roundup."

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August 30, 2008

Michael Sneed: 'The Hillary Factor'

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed: "Hmmm: Will John McCain's selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as veepmate energize Hillary Clinton's supporters to cross party lines . . . or have the opposite effect?"

See "The Hillary factor . . ." for more of Ms. Sneed's column.

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The Obama Campaign's Post Palin Ad

The Obama campaign released a new 30-second TV ad, August 30, 2008, in response to Republican Presidential contender John McCain's August 29, 2008, decision to choose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. See Sam Graham- Felsen's "New Ad: 'No Change'"

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Is She Ready to Lead?

Jimmy Orr at The Vote Blog over on The Christian Science Monitor's website, notes: "At the end of so many John McCain commercials the narrator asks of Barack Obama, “Is he ready to lead?”

"Tables are turning now that McCain has selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate," Orr contends.  "The very popular Governor from Alaska (approval ratings at 80 percent) has served in this capacity for less than two years."

Indeed, is she ready if McCain becomes president and has a heart attack a few minutes late?  Read Orr's opinion here.

More Opinion on Palin

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August 20, 2008

Is Dialogue With Russia the Only Way?

Spiegel Online Correspondent Hans-Jurgen Schlamp, writing today from Brussels, Belgium, headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which is trying to pressure Russia into a speedy departure from Georgia, notes that, "NATO had some sharp words for Moscow on Tuesday, demanding a complete withdrawal of Russian forces from Georgia. But as cowardly as it might sound, the next moves with Moscow should be made at the negotiating table." His argument is headlined "Dialogue With Russia is the Only Way."

There are other ways but this is the only prudent one. You don't start World War III over a nation such as Georgia, especially when that nation's leader, Mikheil Saakashvilli,  foolishly invaded South Ossetia and then called on the West to help him when Russia responded.

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August 19, 2008

Are U.S. Options Limited in Georgia, Russia Conflict?

In an August 19, 2008, post headlined "Is there nothing the U.S. can do about Georgia?" Dave Montgomery of McClatchy Newspapers' Texas, USA-based Fort Worth Star-Telegram, asserted that, "The United States and its European allies have condemned Russia for its incursion in Georgia, but their options for retaliating against the Kremlin are limited.

"The United States has ruled out military action, and NATO on Tuesday [August 19. 2008] declined to abolish cooperative programs with Russia in part because of misgivings about challenging a nation with vast oil and natural gas supplies, a large military and a huge nuclear arsenal," Montgomery wrote, adding: "Other options under consideration would strike at Moscow's post-Soviet hunger to restore its lost international status, but analysts differ about their potential effectiveness."

McClatchy has several informative articles on the conflict. Click on the headline link above to get to them.

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Speigel Online: 'Half of Poles Fear Russian Attack'

"As NATO ministers gather in Brussels to discuss how tough to get with Russia after the Georgian crisis, an opinion poll shows one in two Poles fear an attack by Russia. Eastern European countries are unhappy with the response of the West," Der Speigel Online International reported August 19, 2008.

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August 18, 2008

Foreign News & Opinion

Foreign News & Opinion makes its debut today, August 18, 2008. The goal is to aggregate important and interesting foreign affairs articles, editorials, news analysis and opinion from around the world. Hopefully, Foreign News & Opinion will become a site busy readers can rely on to become fairly well-informed on international events. Your comments are welcome.

Munir Umrani, Aggregator.

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