Is a New Type of Pan-Arabism Emerging?

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Lamis K. Andoni, a Palestinian-American journalist who serves as Al-Jazeera’s “head of international relations,” contends in a February 11, 2011, opinion post in Al-Jazeera that, “The Egyptian revolution has resurrected a new type of pan-Arabism, based on social justice not empty slogans.” See “The resurrection of Pa-Arabism.”

“The Egyptian revolution, itself influenced by the Tunisian uprising, has resurrected a new sense of pan-Arabism based on the struggle for social justice and freedom,” writes Ms. Andoni. “The overwhelming support for the Egyptian revolutionaries across the Arab world reflects a sense of unity in the rejection of tyrannical, or at least authoritarian, leaders, corruption and the rule of a small financial and political elite.”

Ms. Andoni, who has written about Middle East affairs for more than 20-years, offers a perspective worth reading and pondering.

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