Mediterranean Ghost Ships, Syrian Refugees and Europe

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James Denselow, a writer on “Middle East politics and security issues and a research associate” at the London-based Foreign Policy Centre, takes a look at the “Ghost Ships” being abandoned in the Mediterranean Sea, with hundreds of Syrians onboard.

Denselow, writing in the January 4, 2015, edition of Al Jazeera online, said, “The ghost ships represent both a new tactic - using large cargo ships to move people in winter across longer crossing - and a new trend - that of the refugees coming from Syria. Last year some 230,000 people arrived illegally across the Mediterranean into the EU with Italy receiving the lion’s share of 160,000 whilst 3,500 people died trying to make the crossing,” he noted, adding: “The UNHCR explained that in 2014 for the first time, people mainly from Syria "have become a major component in this tragic flow, accounting for almost 50 per cent of the total".

To read more, see “Europe's fear of Syria's ghost boats.”

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