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Saud al-Faisal Tells Palestinians Why They Won’t Get ‘Real Helping Hand’

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal, in justifying Arab nations’ current, weak policy in the face of Israel’s ongoing military and diplomatic campaign against Hamas and the Gaza Strip, told diplomats and Palestinians attending an Arab League Council of Foreign Ministers meeting on December 31, 2008, in Cairo, Egypt:

This terrible massacre would not have happened if the Palestinian people were united behind one leadership, speaking in one voice.

We are telling our Palestinian brothers that your Arab Ummah cannot extend a real helping hand if one of you doesn’t extend his hands to the other with love. And also that the Arab Ummah is not interested in blaming this side or that side. What matters is to end this nightmarish discord.

image According to Arab News, “The Arab League convened to present a united Arab response against the Israeli offensive that has killed at least 393 and wounded close to 2,000 Palestinians on the Gaza Strip over the past five days. See “End this discord: Saud.”

Arab News added: “Prince Saud also called on Palestinian factions to sit together and take steps to form a national government representing the entire Palestine.” He warned the various groups:

“The transient factions and slogans would disappear but the great Palestinian nation that has been there since the dawn of history will continue to exist."

“The continuing dissension of Palestinians offers success after success to the enemy Israel depriving the Arab nation of the opportunity to make any effective move to rescue the Palestinian people,” he continued.

“Israel’s policy of imposing blockades, frequent killings and destruction in the occupied land is a brazen attempt to undermine any opportunity for achieving real peace which Israel claims to strive for.

The Saudi Foreign Minister’s contention that the “Arab Ummah is not interested in blaming this side or that side” may be partially true. Demonstrations in various Arab and Muslim nations suggest there is concern in the street about the attacks and Arab leaders' weak response to them.There is growing outrage over the killing of Palestinian civilians and the destruction of their homes. See “Demonstrations against Israel in Arab world. ” Saudi Arabia has prevented demonstrations. See “Saudi Arabia To Prevent Anti-Israel Demonstrations” and “Saudis arrest two over pro-Gaza protest.”

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