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Africa’s Population Growth’s Impact on Europe

“The wave of migrants coming into Europe at the moment has a proximate cause - sectarian war and chaos in the Middle East - but it isn't a transient phenomenon. The current migration is just the beginning of a long-term trend that will almost certainly last for at least a hundred years,” according to Nils Zimmerman, a freelance business journalist for  Deutsche Welle English.

Mr. Zimmerman said the reason is that, “Over that time-period, Africa's population is set to go from 1.16 billion today - exactly twice that of the European Union - to 2.4 billion by 2050. That's five times the EU's current population of 508 million,” he opined. “By 2100, according to the UN, Africa's population could be 4.2 billion - eight times that of today's EU.”

Mr. Zimmerman also said, “The arc of Muslim countries from North Africa and the Middle East through South and Central Asia is also in the midst of a demographic explosion. According to Pew Research Center, the world's Muslim population will grow from 1.6 billion today to 2.8 billion by 2050,” he added. To read more, see “Opinion: Europe's grand challenge - Africa's future.”

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China’s $10 Billion Promise to Africa

Daniel Williams and Mahmoud Kassem of reports in an article dated November 9, 2009, that, “China promised $10 billion in cheap loans to Africa, pledged to cut customs duties and distributed a newspaper with photos of Chinese leaders among beaming Africans, as part of an effort to fight claims it is exploiting the continent’s minerals.”

To read more, please see “China Gives Africa $10 Billion as It Fights Exploitation Charge.”

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India, China Vying For Influence In Africa

Sudha Ramachandran, writing in the July 13, 2007, edition of Asia Times Online, reports that,  "China has outpaced India in the race for influence in Africa, but India has signaled that it is not about to give up the fight. See "India pushes people power in Africa.

Ramachandran said, "During his recent visit to Ethiopia, Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated an e-network initiative that will enable Delhi to reach out to people in Africa's 53 countries."

"The pan-African e-network will allow schools and hospitals across Africa to link up with top institutions in India,"Ramachandran noted, adding: "The initiative will bring Indian expertise in health care and education to the African people at low cost."

According to Ramachandran, Indian diplomats will hope the initiative will earn the Indian public and government goodwill and influence in Africa."

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