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U.S., Japan to Hold Summit in 2015: Why?

Japanese “Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Barack Obama are expected to meet in 2015 and reaffirm the bonds between their two countries on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II,” according to the Japan Times. See “Abe, Obama to hold summit, reaffirm Japan-U.S. ties 70 years after end of WWII.”

“Tokyo and Washington are likely to hold a bilateral summit, where they will considering compiling a joint document that will outline the two countries’ intention to expand their alliance, senior Japanese and U.S. government officials said,” according to The Times.

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Why is China Turnings Its Focus Westward?

Minghao Zhao, an adjunct fellow at the Center for International and Strategic Studies at Peking University, reports that, “The growing bloodshed in Iraq and Syria is being watched as keenly in China as anywhere else in the world. Indeed, the greater Middle East is becoming an ever greater focus of Chinese foreign policy,”  The executive editor of China International Strategy Review writes in a June 20, 2014, opinion post in The Japan Times. He noted:

At the just-concluded sixth ministerial conference of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, held in Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping called upon his Arab counterparts to upgrade their strategic relationships with China, by deepening bilateral cooperation in areas ranging from finance and energy to space technology.

Minghao Zhao said, “This reflects China’s broader goal — established partly in response to America’s “pivot” toward Asia — of rebalancing its strategic focus westward, with an emphasis on the Arab world.”

For more of Minghao Zhao perspective on why China is turning its focus westward, please see “China turning its attention to the Middle East.”

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