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Congress Gave Bush Extended Powers and He Used Them

PETER YOST of The Associated Press wrote today that, "President Bush is seizing on Iraq's elections to claim significant progress as he faces an uproar in Congress over whether he exceeded his powers in conducting the war on terror."

If he did, and I think he did, it is Congress' fault. Members' fear of being labelled unpatriotic prevented them from offering the oversight they should have. Here's Yost's article.

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Bush Wants 16 Provisions of the USA Patriot Act Renewed

Today U.S. President George W. Bush applauded "for its good work" a "House and Senate conference committee" that "reached an agreement on reauthorization of the Patriot Act."

"Now Congress needs to finish the job," he said during his weekly radio address. Both the Senate and the House need to hold a prompt vote, and send me a bill renewing the Patriot Act so I can sign it into law." Mr. Bush added:

This week's agreement would renew all 16 provisions of the Patriot Act that are scheduled to expire at the end of this month -- and it would make 14 of these provisions permanent.
Frankly, I find the prospect of the act being renewed frightening. With this act, legislation for a congressionally mandated dictatorship is in place.

Here's a White House transcript of Mr. Bush's December 10, 2005 radio address.

Note: This item is cross posted at The Diplomatic Times Review.

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Energy and Commerce Committee to Hold Hearings on College Football

Nathan at Dump MIke: Getting the Facts about Congressman Mike Ferguson, NJ-7, notes today that, "The Committee on Energy and Commerce -- on which Rep. Mike Ferguson [of New Jersey] sits -- is responsible for some important issues including gas and heating prices, Medicaid reimbursement rates, consumer rights and more."

"So what is it doing next Wednesday [December 7, 2005] at 10 a.m.?" he asks. "Holding hearings on how the national collegiate football champion is selected. Really."

Maybe the committee wants to see if there is a connection between collegiate football championships and gas and heating prices?

For more, please see "Choosing Between Football and Pharmaceuticals." Congressman Ferguson's web site

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Anxious Congressional Delegations

Sun-Sentinel.Com of Fort Lauderdale, Florida says "Back home, Florida's congressional delegation finds pressure to end Iraq war."

I suspect congressional delegations from every state in the union are feeling the heat about the war. With some congressional seats up for grabs in 2006, I can imagine mounting anxiety in those congressional districts.

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Able Danger Meets Weldon

9/11 Citizens Watch reports that Congressman Casey Weldon stormed out a hearing after accusing Lee Hamiliton of covering up for the Bush "methodist mafia". For more information about the Pentagon's top secret data mining operation that discovered the supposed 9/11 perpetrators a year before the worst attacks (least investigated) against main-land America, please google on my wayward son.

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Has Congress Rediscovered Its Center?

"A new center of political power rose in Washington this week, and it could challenge the White House and leaders of Congress for control of the national agenda," contends a Knight Ridder Newspapers-Christian Science Monitor article in the May 25, 2005 issue of the Seattle Times. It's worth reading. Here's more.

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