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U.S. Supreme Court Turns Down More Obama Not a Citizen Appeals

During the past six weeks, “individual justices and the entire” Supreme Court of the United States “have turned down emergency appeals” challenging President-Elect Barack Obama's “eligibility” to serve as President of the United States. According to The Associated Press, the justices have done so  “at least seven times.” See “Justice Kennedy rejects 2 more challenges to Obama.”

According to the AP, “Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has rejected two more efforts to get the court to consider whether President-elect Barack Obama is eligible to take office.”

In 2000, the court selected the disastrous President George W. Bush to be president following an election challenge by Democratic Presidential Candidate Albert Gore. See Bush v. Gore.

By the way, I’m glad the justices are doing the right thing this time and staying out of presidential politics. And what’s the right thing? Refusing to grant a hearing for this nonsense.

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Did Republican Dirty Tricksters Target Obama's Aunt to Embarrass Him?

he November 1, 2008, Times of London has a photograph of American Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's aunt Zeituni Onyango, the half-sister of Mr Obama's Kenyan father, Barack Obama, Sr. She is reportedly in the United States illegally. It has also been reported that "she gave a total of $260 to the Obama campaign during the third quarter of this year, records show," according to The Times:

Barack Obama's 'Auntie Zeituni', found by The Times living on a Boston housing estate, appears to have made an illegal contribution to her nephew's presidential campaign because she is not a US citizen.

Following the revelation, Obama's campaign issued a statement saying that Senator Obama had no knowledge of his aunt's immigration status, and that he believed all appropriate laws should be followed in dealing with the issue.

The Associate Press (AP) broke the story on October 31, 2008,  that Auntie Zeituni was in the U.S. illegally. It is believed in some circles that the Republican Party or a Homeland Security worker in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division sympathetic to Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain illegally leaked the information in a desperate attempt to derail what appears to be an Obama victory on November 4, 2008, which is election day in the U.S.

It is illegal under 8 CFR [Code of Federal Regulations] 208.6 to reveal a person's immigration status. To do so also violates ICE guidelines

The Obama Campaign said Mr. Obama was not aware that his aunt was in the U.S. illegally, and that the money she donated to his campaign will be returned to her.

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Republicans Tried to Enlist Dr. Peter Millican in Smear of Obama

Dr. Peter Millican, a "Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy" at Hertford College at Oxford University in England, reveals in the November 2, 2008, edition of Sunday Times Online that:

Last Sunday I received an urgent call from Bob, a man close to a Republican congressman in the American west. He wanted to enlist my services to prove a scandalous allegation against Barack Obama, which would surely affect his prospects in the forthcoming election. Namely, that his famous 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father, on which so much of his reputation was built, was in fact written largely by Bill Ayers, a Vietnam-era domestic terrorist.

I guess even a smart man with African blood can't have his name on a thoughtful, well-written book without some folk thinking a white man must have written it.

To read more of this fascinating but unsurprising assertion about why Mr. Millican was contacted, please see "How they tried to tarnish Barack Obama." Also see " Times Washington correspondent Sarah Baxter's November 2, 2008, article headlined "Republicans try to use Oxford don to smear Barack Obama."

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Will There Be a 'Political Earthquake' in the U.S. on November 4?

Stanley Bernard "Stan" Greenberg, described by the London Daily Telegraph's Andrew Porter as "the pollster who has worked for [former U.S. President Bill] Clinton, [former British Prime Minister Tony] Blair and British Prime Minister[Gordon] Brown says, "There is going to be a political earthquake [in the United States]. I cannot imagine a scenario that changes that over the next week."

According to Mr. Porter, Mr. Greenberg was "in London for one day and at breakfast this morning [October 28, 2008]" and "gave his views on how America got to the position where it looks like an Obama romp next week."

If you want to read more, please see "Barack Obama earthquake coming, says veteran pollster."

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The Poll That Really Counts Takes Place November 4

The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press reported October 28, 2008, that American Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama leads Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain "by a 52% to 36% margin in Pew’s latest nationwide survey of 1,325 registered voters." See "McCain Support Continues Downward Spiral." According to Pew:

This is the fourth consecutive survey that has found support for the Republican candidate edging down. In contrast, since early October weekly Pew surveys have shown about the same number of respondents saying they back Obama. When the sample is narrowed to those most likely to vote, Obama leads by 53% to 38%.
The numbers look good and are encouraging for Mr Obama's supporters and probably discouraging for Mr. McCain's supporters. However, the polls that really count will take place election day, November 4, 2008, and on December 15, 2008, when the Electoral College vote is announced.

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Dennis Ross: Obama is a Needed 'Transformational Figure'

Dennis B. Ross, a veteran U.S. diplomat "who served as the director for policy planning in the U.S. Department of State under President George H. W. Bush and special Middle East coordinator under President Bill Clinton," recently granted an interview with correspondent Natasha Mozgovaya and discussed why he's campaigning in Florida and elsewhere for American Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and why he agreed to serve as his senior Middle East policy adviser, among other things. Consider this:

Why and when did you decide to take on an active role in this campaign?

"I decided to take an active part in the campaign because I feel the stakes are so high. I looked at us, especially in the Middle East, and I think we've been on the sidelines everywhere except [in] Iraq. And when the U.S. is on the sidelines, U.S. interests suffer and I think Israel's interests suffer, too. I felt that I just didn't have the luxury of remaining on the sidelines and sitting this one out."

Some of America's image problems didn't start with the Bush administration. Is it possible to repair the damage?

"One of the problems of the last eight years is that too often we've staked out objectives that we could not achieve. The rest of the world watches and looks for several things. The first is whether we are effective in terms of what we do. Secondly they have to see that we don't just lecture, we also listen."

Ross also discussed his views in a September 11, 2008, appearance in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. He explains in this 27- minute video why he supports Mr. Obama and agreed to serve as his senior adviser on Middle East affairs.

Can you define what constitutes an American interest right now?

"I think our interest at this point around the world is [that] we do have to contend with the radicalists, they do constitute a serious threat to us. But I think we have to realize who our natural partners are and how we can work with both them and our allies so we, in a sense, build our collective leverage against those who constitute threats to us. It's very clear that we have to restore our economic well-being, because you can't be strong internationally if you're not strong at home, and if you're not strong financially."

Is it about the stakes, or Obama's personality and policies?

"It's a combination. First, the stakes were so high, and I think he's also a unique talent. I've sat in on probably 100 meetings with our presidents - those I've worked for and their counterparts. I know what it takes to be an effective, good leader. I saw Senator Obama at work in meetings with leaders. His manner of operation shows me unquestionably that he's someone who grasps issues in their detail, but also strategically, and he understands how to deal with leaders in an effective way, from the standpoint of promoting America's interests and needs. It's a combination of the stakes but also of seeing in Senator Obama a transformational figure at a time when I think the United States needs a transformational figure."

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell also views Mr. Obama as a transformational figure. In fact, that's one of the reasons he gave for not endorsing Republican Presidential Candidate John S. McCain.

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